A & A Services

Interior design, assemblage and interior decoration around with art and antiques.

We are avant-garde with unpredictable combinations, 
elegant interior dialogues, surprising additions
 and unusual arrangements.

We curate your collection, expand and add to it, where necessary, sell if desired. 
A staging is created with a daily lasting new insight into history 
and thus into the future

Interior art and antiques concepts

Lighting, room and colour concepts are coordinated with the tradition or the basis of existing collections, the client's wishes including future ambitions and the available space.

We make art speak so that paintings and pieces of art can tell their story, which is often interwoven with the history of the collector and their ancestors.

Colour and lighting concepts

Our colour and lighting concepts combine pieces of art, paintings, artifacts and fabrics into a unique entity. 

We combine antique art and modern living. With our help, your collection tells a unique story.

Building planning and management

We transform your home, your summer house, your chalet, into a haven of joy and inspiration. We plan, contract and supervise the interior work. We specialise in listed interiors. The scope can range from one room to the complete conversion of a building, such as a hotel etc..

We measure the rooms and create plans that are needed for implementation in terms of light, acoustics, plumbing, electrics, heating and cooling. We use green technology that guarantees the comforts of a modern lifestyle. We design floors and cover walls and ceilings, design bathrooms and kitchens, and furnish your rooms with selected art and furniture.

Art and antiques search

In order to skilfully curate a collection, there is often a need for additions. We specialise in finding what you are missing. Our connections ensure you access to the international art market.

Expert opinions and restoration

We provide expert opinions and value assessments for art and antiques. We create inventories for inheritance.

 If a sale is desired, we arrange the right sales channels. 

We commission restorations only from selected experts and supervise the work.